Regular oil changes will help prolong the life of the engine of your vehicle. When you have a vehicle, you will want it to run as efficiently as possible and at top performance levels. With nice clean oil, it will be able to go smoothly through the engine to keep it lubricated. This is why oil changes are important to the vehicle. If there is not any oil, then the parts of the engine will start to wear against one another and cause strain and stress. As parts operate without the oil, they can also breakdown faster than they otherwise should. This may result in a loud noise or grinding sound you hear. If there is ever a noise out of the norm with your vehicle, make sure to bring it in as soon as possible. That way we can inspect the vehicle for what the issue might be.

Oil Changes

If you are not sure how often the oil should be changed on the vehicle, make sure to contact us. Oil changes are always important to help maintain the engine. We can advise you when the proper oil change interval should be. Depending on how often you drive, or even the type of roads you drive on, can affect the schedule. When the oil is changed, we can also check the oil filter for you at the same time. The filter can become clogged with dirt and debris as it captures it from the oil. If the oil is think and looks like sludge, then the engine will not be able to run efficiently.

Have Extra Oil

Remember to keep extra container of oil in the truck or back seat of your vehicle. If you need to add oil suddenly, you will be prepared. Also make sure if you notice the oil dashboard warning light. If it comes on, more oil may be needed. Notice if the light starts blinking. If it does, pull over when it is safe to do so and turn off your vehicle. Operating a vehicle with a blinking warning light can lead to costly repairs or engine failure.